Sunday, May 28, 2017

Monday, May 22 to Sunday, May 28, 2017

Monday, May 22, 2017

The Poncios stayed in Puerto Cabeza this week-end for their district conference, so we didn’t have an office meeting on Monday morning as usual. So we spent the night in Esteli. The Lees came up on Sunday Evening and spent the night as well. Today we took the day to see a rock art display, high in the mountains above Esteli. An old man, Antonio Gutierrez, carved men, animals and other objects on rocks and on rock ledges. He has been doing this since 1971. It is quite amazing. We paid C$20 to have a tour from Antonio. It was well worth the $.65.

Antonio Gutierrez, the sculptor 

             These kids were there with their parents. The parents were building a house for Antonio.

The flowers and scenery were beautiful.

One our way back to Esteli, we came across this field being plowed. 

The Koellikers showed us a panel in Esteli of the Tree of Life, which the missionaries painted a few years ago. 

The only drawback from the day is that Sister Bell hurt her shoulder. The trail/road was slick because of the rain we have been having. The trail got so bad that the Lee’s made their way off the trail and began walking on the grass next to the trail. However, there was a 3-foot ledge on the side of the trail. Sister Bell tried getting over the ledge with Sister Lee helping. But she lost her footing and pulled her shoulder. We think she pulled her shoulder out of the socket but fortunately it went back in. However, it probably pulled some tendons because it is very sore and she can’t lift her shoulder very high.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

We had 6 new missionaries come last night and this morning; 2 sisters from the US, 1 Elder from Honduras, 1 Elder from Salvador, 1 Elder from the Dominican Republic and 1 from Brazil. We held the new missionary training at the Mission Home. We really like having it there because it is quiet, cozy and beautiful. Sister Bell and I taught the 10 commandments of good health. Sister Poncio fed us a wonderful chicken lunch. Then we went to the office for the new missionaries to be united with their companions.

We had our weekly senior missionary dinner at the Helbergs. After a spaghetti dinner, Elder Helberg made us chocolate malts…. We then played 5 Crowns.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

We said good-bye to 6 Latino missionaries. Sister Vasquez, the only North American missionary went home on Tuesday. 

L to r: President Poncio, Elder Uribe, Elder Lemus, Elder Barrios, Elder Perez, Elder Samol, Sister Marquez.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

We stayed home most of the day, working from home. We took our car to Casa Pellas for service. They originally told us it would only take 1-2 hours, so we thought we would find a close restaurant to eat lunch at and then wait. But when we got there, the attendant told us it would take 3-4 hours, so we took a taxi home (Sister Bell’s first ride in a taxi). She stayed home resting her shoulder while I took another taxi back to get the car later in the day.
I updated my apartment inventory spreadsheet. That took most of the day.

Elder Baxter and Williams found Michelle, our banker, at her house this evening. She wants to go to church with us on Sunday. They set a lesson for Saturday at 5pm. Exciting….

Friday, May 26, 2017

We slept in until 7am this morning. I don’t know how that happened. It rained most of the night which might have contributed to our tiredness. Whatever the cause, we slept long.
We went to the Distribution Center. We bought garments and scriptures for various missionaries. We also got YW material for Somoto.

We then went to the office. For lunch, we went to a different restaurant in a little mall about a mile from the office. The name is Casa de CafĂ©. It is a restaurant that sells various types of coffee. We determined this when we walked in and saw the menu on the wall, which advertised different types of coffee. We started to leave but one of the waitresses, saw us, recognized us as Mormon Missionaries, came over and reassured us that there was a lunch menu and non-coffee drinks. Her name is Rosa and she is a member of the Church.  The food was very good, but a little expensive. We also had a fresh fruit smoothie which was also very good. Rosa was very helpful and friendly. We gave her a good tip (which in Nicaragua is not the custom).

We then went to the bank to pay a bill. Michelle helped us at the bank. She told us she loved having Elder Baxter and Williams in her home last night and is excited about our meeting tomorrow night. She lives with her mother, father, 2 brothers and a grandmother. I woke up this morning, and several times during the night, thinking about what to teach them. I have a few ideas, which we will need to discuss with the missionaries. Sister Bell wrote her testimony (in Spanish) in the front of a Book of Mormon to give to Michelle. We will need to take several copies with us tomorrow night.
We then went to La Colonia for food and then home.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

We started the day taking a frig to Villa Flor 2. Hermana Pehrson and Andersen needed a new frig. We then went to the Grand Mall and bought Sister Bell some short pants. We had to find them in the Men’s section. The shorts in the women’s section were way to short and tight. We found three that she likes and looks good on her. I even bought me a new tie.

But the highlight of the day was our lesson with Michelle and Dayve. Michelle is the bank teller that helps us almost every time we go to the bank. Dayve is her boyfriend. We took Elder Baxter and Williams with us. We were there for 2.5 hours. The first hour was just visiting and getting to know the family (and waiting for Dayve to arrive). After a prayer, we explained about the church meetings they will be attending tomorrow. The Elders then taught about the Restoration. Michelle knows the Bible and is very active and committed in her local Church. She teaches the children on Sundays. She knew and quoted several of the scriptures we referred to. Dayve also knows the Scriptures and has the Bible on his phone. Michelle had many questions and wanted to know where in the Bible it said what we were teaching. The Elders found references to every question she had. We could tell she was troubled with what we were teaching because it challenged some of her beliefs. We gave them both copies of the Book of Mormon. She was very touched with the copy we gave her which had our testimonies in it. She expressed a deep connection she felt for us ever since we first met at the bank. She told me that she thinks of me as another father to her. I shared my feelings that I believed we were led by the spirit to meet and that I felt that connection as well. The spirit was strong and sweet. I look forward to tomorrow as they will be going to Church with us. But she will have a difficult time overcoming her current beliefs and commitment to her Church. She will need to be courageous.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

We took Michelle and Dayve to the Ruben Dario Ward in the Waspan Chapel. The meetings started at 8am so we picked them up at Michelle’s house about 7:45. When we walked in, there were very few people there. However, Michelle did recognize a relative, a young lady about her same age and another young man who was a school mate of hers. The chapel was almost empty, but it was full by the time the meeting ended. Michelle and Dayve enjoyed the meeting. We attended the Gospel Principles class. The lesson, which was taught by the missionaries, was about the gifts of the spirit. Then the lesson for Priesthood and RS was Elder Holland's General Conference talk about staying in the Choir. We discussed the lesson on our way home. They all seemed to understand the lesson. Last night, Michelle seemed a little upset because we challenged some of her current beliefs, but today, she seemed inspired and excited about what she was learning. We asked her if she wanted to learn more and she said yes. Finding a time during the week may be difficult because she gets home late and then takes care of her mother. The missionaries may need to visit her on Saturday’s, which is when we are up north. We would love to support her, but we may not be able to. We will need to leave her in Heavenly Fathers hands, and his appointed missionaries, Elder Baxter and Williams. 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Monday, May 15, to Sunday, May 21, 2017

Monday, May 15, 2017

We have become friends with a young mother who lives a few houses up the street from us. Her name is Gabriela and she has a puppy named Princesa. When we see her, we take a few minutes to visit with her. She lives with her daughter and her grandfather. This morning she was telling us that she was practicing singing for a program she was in. We asked her to sing us a song, which she did. We were amazed at how beautiful her voice was. Not very many Nicas can carry a tune, but she has a beautiful voice. In our conversation, she expressed interest in learning to play the piano. Sister Bell volunteered to teach her. She needs to get a piano in her home so she can practice and Sister Bell will begin teaching her. 

Our office meeting was postponed until 11am. So we worked from home until about 10am, then we went to the office. We bought donuts for Elder Chinchilla, who had a birthday last week. After the meeting, Sister Poncio brought in a cake to celebrate Mother’s Day and Elder Chinchillas and Sister Bells birthdays.

The mission then bought Pizza Hut Pizza for lunch. Good times….

Sister Bell gave Jocelyn a piano lesson. We came home a little early. I continued to work on things while Sister Bell took a nap. Celebrating your birthday is hard work….

We had dinner at the Lee’s with the Helbergs…

Tuesday, May 16, 2017
We worked from home most of the day, other than a few hours when we ran a few errands.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Happy Birthday to Sister Bell….

We are spending the afternoon and night at the Barcelo Montelimar Resort west of Managua. We have a beach front bungaloo, but unfortunately, there are so many bushes and trees we can’t see the beach. However, there were iguanas in the trees and plenty of birds. We have a hammock on the front porch, which we were in long enough to take pictures (I actually laid in the Hammock Thursday morning reading. It was very comfortable). We walked along the beach picking up shells and watched the sunset. It was beautiful. We eat dinner at resort buffet, which is closer to the beach than our beach front bungaloo was. Most of the kids have skyped with Michelle. She also had to take care of sick missionaries, in fact one had to go to the hospital. They had to go without us and they survived it.

Thursday, May 18, 2017
We enjoyed our evening and morning at the beach. It was very relaxing. We feel refreshed and ready to get back to work. We only had 3 calls from sick missionaries, so that wasn’t so bad.

Friday, May 19, 2017
We had a change planning meeting this morning. Monday is changes. We have 7 missionaries leaving and 6 coming.

We had a missionary in the hospital with cellulitis. We spent the afternoon with them. While Sister Bell stayed with him in the hospital, I took his companion to their apartment so he could get some clothes and other supplies they will need while in the hospital. He expects to be in the hospital for 2-3 days.

While out, we stopped by the bank to get our monthly withdrawal. Michelle, the teller that usually helps us, was helping someone else when we walked in. When she saw us, she sent the man to the next teller so she could help us. During our conversation, she expressed an interest to attend Church with us. She found out that her house is close to the Waspan Church, which is in our mission (Usually our referrals are in the south mission). We will find a week-end when we can stay in Managua over the week-end and take her and her fiancé to church. I would like to go by her house before they attend Church to explain a little about the restoration. I believe this would help them understand the meetings better.

Saturday, May 20, 2017
Sister Bell taught Maria Clara and Karol Linneth piano today in Trinidad. Karol Linneth is progressing very fast for having had only 3 lessons.

We then dropped off a few things in Ocotal and then drove to Somoto. We had scheduled a temple Prep. Class with President Alaniz at his house, but he had to work. So we sat and visited with his wife, Cristian and their son. He is 23, married and lives close. He is very friendly and knows all the missionaries. I believe he would be interested in the Church, except he works out of town. He is a truck driver.

We then took Cristian to the church. She held the first YW mutual activity today. She had 4 young women attend. These are sweet girls.

Three of the four come from abusive homes. They are being helped by Azaria Perez, who was recently baptized last Tuesday. We visited with her while Cristian was having her meeting. Azaria is a remarkable young woman. She helps abusive girls. She has one living with her now and several others come by her house every day. She feeds them, helps them with their homework and counsels them. She lives with her mother, who also has health problems and needs care. She has no income, but somehow, they have money to feed all these people. The sad thing, is that she says there are 58 other young girls that need her help, that are being abused physically, emotionally and/or sexually.  Azaria is an angel.

The girls practiced a hymn to sing in Church tomorrow and Sister Bell gave them a lesson in how to lead music.

Sunday, May 21, 2017
We picked up President Alaniz at this home in Somoto and passed by the Church to say good-bye to Elder Tax. Elder Tax is going to Puerto Cabeza. President Alaniz and Elder Tax both had tears in their eyes as they talked and hugged. Elder Tax is a wonderful missionary. He is very humble but is very willing to help in any way possible. He is always volunteering and going the extra mile. He is a very accomplished musician. He plays the piano very well. We will miss him terribly. After President Alaniz said good-bye, we took him to Pueblo Nuevo. PN is a group under the direction of President Alaniz. He called Sister Nubia and Dania as teachers in the Relief Society and Sunday School, respectively. They both accepted. They were sustained in Sacrament Meeting and President Alaniz set them apart after the meetings. I was glad we were there so I could mentor President Alaniz and Elder Meneses, who conducted the meeting and sustained them. Elder Meneses had a busy day, he conducted the meeting, taught SS and Priesthood. Elder Wight also talked in church and then taught Primary. I don't know which had the busiest day. 

We then went to Condega and taught another leadership meeting. Noe, Suyapa, Freddy and Rosa were all there with the missionaries. Elder Russell will be leaving Condega tomorrow. He started here and has been here for several changes. We have seen him grow a lot as a missionary. His Spanish is really good now and he smiles much more now than when he first got here. The people love him and he loves them.

We had a birthday dinner at the Koellikers. Sister Koelliker served burritos and cake with ice cream. Dinner was really good. The Lees were there also. Sister Bell got her birthday cookie from Sister Koelliker. 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Monday, May 8 to Sunday May 14, 2017

Monday, May 8, 2017

We had our office planning meeting at the President’s house at 8am. They were hosting a luncheon for the Bello Horizante zone. We then went home, worked for a while, then went to the hospital to find out what we had to do to get the insurance to pay for a root canal for one of our Elders.

I had to make a late-night run to pick up 2 mattresses for two Elders in Managua. They have bed bugs so needed to throw out their old infested mattresses. It rained most of the night. That is cooling things off and greening things up.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

We started out at the dentist office with one of our missionaries. While we were waiting, we met a North American who was there for treatment. He was in his 50’s. He lives in Nicaragua with his wife (Nica) and daughter (from his first marriage). We visited briefly before he went in for his treatment, but when he came out a short time later, he sat down and began talking with us…. Of course all in English. He said he has many LDS friends and had some questions for the Elders. He said he didn’t want Sister Bell and I to answer the questions, because he said he knew we knew the answers and he wanted to hear what the Elders had to say. He began by asking why they were serving missions and what they wanted to accomplish. This morphed into discussions about Priesthood, Authority, Apostasy, Restoration, witnesses, the light of Christ, Holy Ghost and revelation. He said he has always tried to listen to the Spirit and felt it had guided his life. He also said he didn’t think it was a mistake that he was at the dentist office at the same time we were. The Elders answered every question. I was very impressed. One of the missionaries later said that it was very hard explaining all this in English. This man, Kevin, said that his friends had talked to him about the principle of witnesses, and asked (sincerely I might add) how can this principle apply for the first vision when only the boy Joseph Smith was present. His eyebrows went up when I told him that I was a witness to this event. I then explained how I have received a personal revelation about this event and therefore, I was a witness. We then discussed personal revelation. We read Moroni 10: 3-5 (which he read from his own copy of the BoM on his phone). We thoroughly enjoyed the conversation, which lasted about 1 hour. He said he enjoyed it as well. Hopefully, we answered some of his questions.

We took the Elders to Pricesmart for lunch (Hamburgers and Fries) and then to the bus stop. We went to the office for a few hours and then home. We hosted the Senior Missionary Dinner. We cooked omelets, hash brown potatoes, ham and fruit. We then played Phase 10, until about 8:30pm when we all began to turn into pumpkins, so we quit and everyone left.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Happy Birthday, Becky

Today was sort of a P-Day for us. We did go to the Elders house to get a new frig that we will be delivering tomorrow. Afterwards, we went to Huembas market to get my brown shoes resoled. While we waited, we did a little shopping. I bought I small ceramic cup to put pencils in, mop heads, a watch and a t-Shirt. However, when I got the T-Shirt home, I found that the XL on the tag was false advertising, because it was more like a medium. I can get it on, but it is very tight (of course it can’t be that I am getting a little bigger). We made a stop at Distribution and then home for lunch. After lunch I got a haircut, now we are home relaxing. I might even take a nap (which I did)…We were happy to skype with Becky and family.  They had plans for a birthday dinner which sounded fun. 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

We made a supply run to the West. We took a frig to the Hermanas in Grasca, about 7 kms south of Chinandega. Sister Atiifales and Puac live there. We took their old one and gave them a new one. We then went to the zone leaders house in Chinandega, Elder Gonzalez and Packard. We delivered boxes of pamphlets, garments and mail. Then we went to the house of Elder Nelson and Najera to deliver them a new frig. Out of all the houses we saw today, they had the cleanest house. We then met Sister Martinez and Cortez in El Viejo, 11 kms north of Chinandega. We gave them mail and inspected their house. Then onto Tonala, which is about 15 miles north of El Viejo. We met them at the Church. They have a small branch of about 35 attending members. They worship in a converted house. It is one of the nicest converted houses to a chapel that we have seen. They have a large parlor where they have Sacrament Meetings, with a patio and classrooms on either side. It is well constructed and maintained. We went with Elder Uribe and Rodriquez around the corner to their apartment. It wasn’t too bad for an Elders house.

We ate at Rosti Pollo in Chinandega, getting home about 5pm.

We really enjoyed the drive from Chinandega to Tonala. We had not been there before. There were large fields of bananas, peanuts and sugar cane. Tonala is a quaint little town of about 6000 residents. The road took us past three volcanoes, San Cristobal, Casita and Chonco. San Cristobal last erupted in 2012, but the others are dormant. San Cristobal is the large volcano. Chonco is the small one of the left and Casita is the one of the right.

The yellow Trumpetbush is in full bloom.

Friday, May 12, 2017
Today was a catch-up day. Sister Bell did wash and ironed after going to the store, distribution center and running a few errands. I updated many of my files and got caught up. We worked from home. Pretty light day.  The day ended up great, though because we were able to talk to Kim, Henry, Synnova and very briefly Dan.  We love you, China kids.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Sister Bell taught Maria Clara and Karol Linneth piano lessons in Trinidad. This was Karols second lesson. She practiced a lot this week and was very prepared. Maria Clara… not so much. We had lunch at Pollo Estrella in Esteli, then drove to Somoto. We delivered fanny packs for Elders Alofipo, Asplund and Williams. These are very popular here. They order them from a company in Guatemala. The only problem is that they fill them so much, they become heavy and cause some back problems.

We taught President Alaniz and his daughter, Cristian the 5th Temple Preparation class. He is really excited about going to the temple. He is a very faithful and visionary man. He related a dream he had. He was in front of a temple that appeared to be in the clouds. The steps were pure gold. He was making his way to the temple. Sister Bell and I, along with the missionaries and many others were heading for the temple. But his family was not with him. He will be going next month to the temple without his family, as his wife is not a member yet. She has been listening to the Book of Mormon every night and really enjoys it. We see changes in her each time we visit. We are hopeful that she will be baptized soon so the whole family can go to the temple and be sealed.

We then taught a leadership lesson. Those attending were President Alaniz, Cristian, Leslie and the missionaries. Natalia did not come. We talked about the Priesthood, Chapter 2 in Book 2. There was a sweet spirit there as we talked about what the Priesthood is, the difference between the Aaronic and Melchizedek Priesthoods, the keys of the Priesthood and the purpose of the Priesthood in the Church. We felt good about the lesson.

We arrived at Koellikers about 8:30 and took a nap in the car for about 45 minutes before they got home.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother’s Day (in the United States). Mother’s Day in most of Central America and Mexico is May 10. Here in Nicaragua, Mother’s Day is May 30. So we can celebrate Mother’s Day several times. I am excited about that.

We attended Church in Trinidad. We haven’t been there for a while so it was really nice to attend there and see the growth of the branch. Sister Bell played the piano and Maria Clara led the music. President Cruz had asked us to talk in Sacrament Meeting. Sister Bell talked about the importance of scripture study in the family. I talked about Mother’s, relating stories about my mother, my mother in law, and Michelle. Both talks went well. We enjoyed SS, which was taught by Karen Mayorga, a recent convert that has three boys. She gave a wonderful lesson about the temple. Elder Garcia taught the Priesthood Lesson. There are three big Mango trees in the back of the Church. The Mangos are ripe. After Church, the members were in the back-yard eating Mangos and picking a lot of ripe ones to take home. Sister Bell and I are not big Mango fans so we let the members eat our share.

We then went to Condega and taught lesson 2 of the leadership lessons. Noe, Suyapa, Rosa, Freddy and the missionaries were in attendance. The lesson went well. They seemed to learn a lot, which is the reason we are teaching the lessons.

We got home about 7:30. We got to talk briefly with Paul and then talked longer with John and Isa and Steve and Ginger.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Monday, May 1 to Sunday, May 7, 2017

Monday, May 1, 2017
We attended the office meeting, spent the morning in the office and worked from home in the afternoon.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017
The leader council was today so all the zone leaders and sister leaders were in town. We were able to visit with them before the meeting. We gave the Puerto Cabeza Zone Leaders instructions on inspecting the homes of the missionaries and Sister Bell was able to talk to several that had health problems. We left the office mid-morning to run a few errands, such as shopping and going to the bank. In the afternoon, we met Sisters at the hospital for a doctors appointment. All was fine. We took them to dinner (Tip Top) and then to the bus station.

Later that evening, we received a call from one of the sisters we had sent back to their home.  The one who had the doctor appointment was fine, but the other sister had severe stomach pain in the car and fainted.  She went to the hospital in Condega and was diagnosed with a stomach bacteria.  She had medication IV and stayed overnight in the hospital for observation.  Never a dull moment!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

This morning our sick sister in the hospital was fine so we continued with our travel and teaching plans.  

We drove to Esteli to talk to the Esteli zone about keeping their casas clean. They really liked the muffins we brought.

We then had some free time in the afternoon, so we went to a little garden, called “La Casita”. We had some bread, cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers and passion fruit juice for lunch then walked around the gardens. I bought Sister Bell a small cactus plant for Mother’s Day.

WE went to the local museum, which took about ½ hr to walk through. I would have gotten through it in about 10 minutes but I took my time so as to not hurry Sister Bell.

Thursday, May 4, 2017
We went to the Ocotal zone meeting, gave muffins (which they loved) and taught about why they should keep their homes clean. We gave the leaders the responsibility to check the apartments when they are on divisions.

On our way home, we stopped in Condega for lunch. There is a little restaurant that makes wonderful smoothies. Sister Bell loves the Pina Cola and I usually order a mixed fruit or a strawberry smoothie. The food is good too (and besides they have nice bathrooms, which you don’t always find here).

 We stopped at La Casita again and purchased three more cacti, one for Hermana Lee, one for Hermana Helberg and one for Hermana Poncio. Mother’s Day is coming up. We will stop and get another one for Hermana Koelliker on Saturday.

We got a skype call from Roxanne. Dad was having problems and they took him to the hospital. The doctors think he might have had a seizure. They will keep him in the hospital for a few days. Our prayers are with you, dad.

We went over to the Helbergs for dinner. The Lee’s were there also. After dinner (shepherd’s pie) we played acouple of hands of golf.

Friday, May 5, 2017
It rained hard for about 6 hours last night. There was a lot of lightning and thunder. It kept Michelle up for several hours while I slept right through it. We were concerned what it did to our grand-doves in the back yard. We were very happy when we found them both alive and growing. Addie wanted to name the baby dove, Wilma. This is because they caught a baby rabbit and named it Fred. Now we know we have twins, we have decided to name them Bambam and Pebbles. Hope you are ok with this name change Addie… .

We spent a good part of the day at the hospital. Two missionaries had doctor appointments. After the final appointment, we took the two sister missionaries to lunch, shopping and then we took them home. We also made a dentist appointment for another Elder, which he had in the afternoon.

Saturday, May 6, 2017
Today was a long day, but it could have been longer. We changed the piano lessons to the afternoon so we didn’t have to leave as early as we normally do. We were in Sebaco for lunch so we invited Hermana Knowlton and Ingram to meet us for lunch. We eat at the Galeano Buffet. Jaime, is the cook and one of their investigators. We gave the missionaries his reference about 6 months ago, but the missionaries have not been able to find him very often. He said he plans to go to church tomorrow. He also said that his mother is a member in Costa Rica, which is one reason he is interested in the Church.

Sister Bell gave a lesson to Maria Clara in Trinidad after lunch. She also has a new student, Karol Linneth, who is 12 years old.

We then went to Somoto. We taught our first Leadership lesson. Those in attendance were the missionaries, President Alaniz, Leslie (Primary President), Christain (YW President) and Natalia (RS president). We taught Chapter 1 in Manual 2. It is about families and the Plan of Salvation. We thought the lesson went well. We plan to teach 6 lessons to prepare leaders, using Chapters 1-6 in Handbook 2.

We went to Pueblo Nuevo to teach the same lesson, but we didn’t feel that they were ready for leadership lessons. We had 5 there; Hermana Nubia, Dania, Hilario, his granddaughter and his dog. We decided to teach about Patriarchal Blessings, since Hilario is ready to receive his.

We got to the Koelliker's about 9:30.

Sunday, May 7, 2017
We had another long day. We left the Koellikers at 7:30am. We went to Church in Pueblo Nuevo. There is a small group of solid members; Hermana Nubia, Dania, Hilario, Augustina and several new members; Maybelline, Blanca, Arelicia.  Elder Wight and Meneses are the missionaries there. Elder Wight conducted Sacrament Meeting, then taught Primary. Elder Meneses taught SS and Priesthood. Dania taught RS. There is a lot of love in this little group, but we need more Priesthood for this little group to become a branch.

We went to Condega to teach a leadership class. We had a good group including Noe, Suyapa, Freddy and Rosa. The missionaries, Elder Howland and Russell were also there. We taught chapter 1 in Book 2. It was well received. Afterward, we went by Augner and Abigail’s home. Augner is a returned missionary, who has been inactive for several months. They want to come back to Church and we sure need them. We knew them several months ago, but lost track of them when they moved. Elder Howland and Russell found them several weeks ago. They were happy to see us again as we have been in their homes several times.

We got home about 7:30 pm, tired and ready to relax.