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Mission Goals

Mission Goals
Elder Bell and Sister Bell

Nursing: Assist the Mission President and his wife to keep the missionaries healthy.
  • Put all notes on missionaries in e-med
  • Create reports from e-med to see trends of illness in the mission
  • Tailor my training at leadership and zone conferences to address the trends of illness in the mission.
  • New missionaries – 10 Commandments of Health Power point presentation in Spanish with an English interpreter.  Handouts in both English and Spanish to summarize power point. Give out missionary health card
  • Zone Conference – Have all health boxes brought in.  The following drugs and supplies will be added to the boxes.  10 Acetaminofen 500 mg, 10 Ibuprofen 400 Mg, 4 Latoratadina 10 mg, 2 Lansoprozolde 30 mg, 2 Motilium 10 mg, 2 Migratil, 30 assorted sizes of bandaids.  I have ordered these from Jonathan.  Have a training with power point.  I am still thinking about what to teach.  Collect the following information from the missionaries.  Names, addresses, phone numbers, and a check box that they have received their medical supplies.
  • Visit the hospital in Managua.  Visit Dr Lopez’ clinic.  Talk to Dr Guido (dentist) and visit his office.
Music: Use musical abilities to improve the Lords work in the mission.
  • Keyboard.  Can I get a portable keyboard that I could put in the car?  I might be able to find one locally.
  • Possible site for keyboard lessons Máximo Jerez ward.  They have a keyboard.  It needs repair to the music holder on the top.
  • At Zone Conference find out those missionaries that have musical talent and can either lead or play piano or another instrument
Seminary and Institute: Assist the CES employees, teachers and Students to register and attend seminary and institute. The priority is within the Esteli District. Coordinate with Hermano Barcenes (87012949;
·         Visit with each Seminary teacher within the next three months.
§  Ciudad Dario: Ana Delgadillo, Students need to register
§  Sebaco: Jeanette Beldiva (5822-7023), Students need to register
§  Esteli:
·         El Central Seminary: Claudia Chacon (58458053) 6pm M-Thu in home
·         Esteli Seminary: Students need to register Fatima Gonzales M-Th @ church
§  Ocotal: Adali Bermudes (57545244)
·         2 classes; 1 in morning and 1 in afternoon, need registrations
·         Assist Teachers and Hermano Barcenes to register each student within the next three months
·         Encourage attendance
·         Coordinate with Hermano Barcenes regularly and assist as needed.

·         Visit each Institute teacher within the next three months and assist as needed.
§  Sebaco: there are students interested in attending institute but no teacher. Work with Hermano Barcenes and the Branch President to call a teacher.
§  Esteli: Pedro Castello (89406494). There are 3 registered but more are attending. Need to complete registrations.
§  Ocotal: Need to complete registrations

Mission Preparation: Assist President Collado, Branch Presidents and perspective missionaries to complete their mission applications. Insure that the applications are complete and meet the readiness guidelines. Assist Branch Presidents to help perspective missionaries to be prepared spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally for missionary service.
There are currently approximately 40 missionary applications in the missionary system. Over the next three months:
  • Contact each Branch President; receive an update of each applicant’s status and offer assistance.
  • Contact each applicant that needs assistance; develop a plan to complete their application and prepare for their missions. Ensure that the Branch President has input into the plan. Provide personal assistance as needed.
  • Learn Missionary application system
  • Investigate opportunities to train perspective missionaries, in such things as “Preach my gospel”

Branch Development: Assist President Collado and the local missionaries to prepare the Melchizedek Priesthood holders in new areas in order to prepare them for leadership. Train in the importance of being full tithe payers.
  • Meet with Elders and develop strategy.
Somoto: Elder Castro
Condega: Elder Scaggs
La Trinidad: Elder Worden
  • Review Strategy with President Collado
  • Implement plan
Missionary Housing: Insure that the missionary apartments are safe and clean.
  • Provide the missionaries at least one referral a month
  • Assist others in the office and mission in any way possible
  • Love the Missionaries, Country and the people
  • Learn the language

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  1. Sounds like you are going to be very busy and already doing a wonderful job. Love reading your blog!