Sunday, April 2, 2017

Monday, March 27 to Sunday, April 2, 2017

Monday, March 27, 2017

Today is our midpoint of our mission. It is hard to believe we are halfway through. We feel good about our service so far. We are learning patience with each other. I have been amazed at how well Sister Bell is helping the missionaries with their health. She has known what to do and what to prescribe (President Langevelds blessing to her has been evident in our service). The missionaries have a great love for her and she has a great love for them. It is frustrating if they don't follow instructions and then call back with worsening conditions. 

We brought our sick missionary to our home today. Joselyn Poncio stayed with our sick missionary while Sister Speas and Sister Jimenez went to their house to begin packing and cleaning. I went to pick them up about 5pm and brought them back to our house.  We fixed dinner for the four sisters and then left to have our senior dinner at the Lee’s. When we got home, the 4 sisters were playing Phase 10 and having a great time.  It was good to have laughing young people in our home. 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

We took our sick missionary to the airport this morning. Her companion went with us. When we arrived at the airport, we found that the whole zone was there to greet her and say goodbye. It was very touching for her and for us. We took some pictures, bought a few souvenirs and said goodbye. 

We then took Sister Speas back to her apartment and helped her pack and clean. Then to our house for lunch and to gather the rest of her things. Then we took her to the Sister Leaders house. She will work with them for the next two weeks before she goes home. The four sister missionaries (Speas, Willes, Jimenez, Apen) will work both areas.

We then went to the office and worked a few hours. We are tired. This has been a long 10 days. We are hopeful we will have some relief sometime soon.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Sister Bell did some wash this morning, mostly sheets from the spare beds. Then we ran some errands, going to Walmart, Pricesmart and office. This afternoon, we took another Elder back to the hospital for a doctor appointment. We have been in the hospital almost everyday for two weeks. 

Thursday, March 30, 2017

We started the day at the hospital again for another doctor appointment with one of our sisters. 

We then took Elder Frenzel back to Corinto, which is about 3 hours north west of Managua. It is a beach town outside of Chinandega. We met Elder Torrez and Ruiz at their apartment. Elder Frenzel is glad to be back in his area. Then we left for home, stopping in Leon for gas and chicken at Tip Top.

Friday, March 31, 2017

We spent most of the day at the hospital with another set of missionaries. One of the missionaries has a skin rash and body aches. The doctors ran some tests and gave him some medicine. Hopefully, he will be doing better in a few days.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

We woke up this morning to find that our internet was out. So we ended up going to the office to watch conference. 

I enjoyed President Eyring's Saturday morning talk about family history. This is something that we can encourage and help those that went to the temple this past month. Sister Bell and I have decided to take on President Nelson’s challenge to read every verse about the Savior listed in the Topical Guide. He said it changed his life and I hope it will change mine.

We got the internet fixed before the Priesthood Session so we watched it at the house. Elder Lee came by to watch it with us. David, our guard, watched it in Spanish on our porch using my phone and our internet. We had a great conversation afterward, talking about why we don’t have all the ceremonies around Easter like the Catholic Church, how and when we repent, how are Prophets and Apostles called and how is the next President of the Church determined. He has a great faith and sincerely wants to know. His current employment makes it hard to him to attend Church as he is either here on Sunday’s or on his way home when his Ward meets. He would be a wonderful Priesthood Leader someday, and we hope that he will continue to progress. 

Sunday, April 2, 2017

We were very disappointed that the Managua Nicaragua Temple was not announced this morning. The Church has property for the temple. It is along the Masaya Highway, not far from the Metropolitano Villian Pellas hospital. It is protected with a large wall and guard, with private property signs on the wall. Every country in Central America has a temple but ours. So, we were hoping ours would have been announced.

There were some powerful talks in Conference this morning. I loved Elder Rasband’s talk about the Holy Ghost and Elder Oaks talk about the Godhead. President Uchtdorf talk about fear as a poor motivation, is something I have talked to the missionaries about at times.

Salvador, our guard, listened to the second half of the morning session and all of the afternoon session. He used my computer in our living room, listening to it in Spanish, while Sister Bell and I were in the bedroom listening in English. He seemed to like it very much. He especially liked Elder Costa’s talk about his conversion story and went away wanting to visit more with the missionaries and read the Book of Mormon. I particularly liked Elder Palmer's talk about dealing with difficult missionaries and the story of the Savior with the rich young man and how that changed how he dealt with them. This scripture can help us with relationships in our own family. 1. See them as the Lord sees them, 2. Love changes lives, not anger, 3. Love should not be withdrawn no matter how them react and 4. The Lord expects a lot of us and them. 


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